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All companies, large or small, should make provision for First Aid in the workplace. Employers have an obligation under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations to make adequate and appropriate First Aid provision for their workforce. It is required that someone is able to undertake First Aid duties at all times when people are at work.

Having staff trained in First Aid will help to reduce the effects any accidents or injuries that occur in the workplace, and will also provide all staff with peace of mind. Our Courses are approved by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland, meaning that they are independently recognised and validated.

Our instructors are available to go to your corporate premises and teach onsite. We can also accommodate classes at our Headquarters on Victoria Road.

Figures published by the Health and Safety Authority show that 67 people died during 2007 in workplace accidents. Though these deaths happened primarily in agriculture and construction, statistics show that no workplace is completely free of risk.

According to the Central Statistics Office, between 2002 and 2005. on average well over 20,000 people a year sustained injuries that resulted in that person being unable to work for four or more days.

Obviously, prevention is always better than cure. Employers should take whatever steps possible to ensure that the workplace is a safe as possible. However, it is also of critical importance (and legally required) for there be first aiders in place should injury occur. St John Ambulance can help train your staff to meet this requirement.

Prompt first aid can save lifes. Not alone that, it can also prevent life long disability. If you would like to arrange or discuss any training requirements, please contact the training team at St John Ambulance, Cork City.

St John Ambulance, also offers its services to schools and colleges through-out Munster. Often, teachers see the value of teaching first aid to students but might not have the in-house expertise to do so. St John Ambulance, continues to provide instructors to schools and colleges so that the young people of Cork can learn one of life's most important skills. We are ardent advocates of first aid being eventually added to the curriculum for the Junior Certificate or as a mandatory course during Transition Year. We believe that the value of first aid cannot be over emphasised.

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