St. John Ambulance Cork - First meeting in Glanmire

venue of first meeting in glanmire. glanmire community schoolSt. John Ambulance will be holding the first meeting of the Glanmire unit on Wednesday, June 1st 2011. There was a huge turnout at our first aid course in Glanmire Community School on Sunday May 22nd last, and we hope to see all attendees at our first meeting night.

For those aged between 11 and 16, please come to the school hall in Glanmire Community School for 18:30. The meeting will last for one hour until 19:30, and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions about St. John Ambulance. For those aged 17 and over, please arrive at the hall at 19:30. This meeting will last until 21:00, and will be the perfect time for any queries you may have about the Brigade.

If you were unable to attend the first aid course last Sunday, but would still like to come down to the meeting then please come down by all means. Everyone is welcome to come down, and we can discuss all options available to you for first aid certification.

We at St. John Ambulance Cork, look forward to working with the people of Glanmire. This is an exciting time for St. John Ambulance in Cork, and it can only get better. Please visit our official Facebook page to see more of the work that we do in Cork and surrounding areas!